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Pain Free Dental Care Glasgow at Michael Kelly Dentistry

Pain Free Dental Care Glasgow Southside at Michael Kelly Dentistry

Dental treatment is something we can no longer accept as being unpleasant or associated with pain, therefore we aim to provide pain free dental care Glasgow!

Our practice is a place of calm where our patients can relax and we preach preventive dentistry. We also understand that when active  treatment is required that we must eliminate all the factors associated with fear.

We have a spacious and calm reception area.
We will not talk to you in scary dental jargon, we will explain in understandable language.
We have clear and helpful literature and television animations which can help to explain procedures, so you fully understand your treatment options and can make an informed decision.
Our staff have likely seen many patients with fear greater than yours.
We will use numbing gel to make any treatment pain free.

100% Numb

The Quicksleeper can be a reliable alternative to the traditional needle.

Quicksleeper is an innovative system which instantly numbs teeth with a single painless injection.This has been a revelation for those who normally avoid treatment because of needle phobia along with regular patients.The Quicksleeper unit enables our dentists to deliver anaesthetic instantly, drop by drop directly to the spongy bone around the apex of the tooth.

As bone has no nerves, this is a painless process. As the local anaesthetic is instant, there is no waiting time. It speeds up your dental process and the time in the Dentist chair. Not only that, but as the area to be treated is directly targeted by the Quicksleeper, you won’t get that ‘fat lip and tongue’ feeling often experienced with an injection.

Safe 100% numb treatment can be provided when required.
And finally-we will listen to you!

If you are scared of the dentist, give as a call on 0141 637 1745, we are sure we can help