Dental Finance

With rising expectations of dental treatment along with the more advanced and expensive options available it is only natural that we should look for options to make them affordable. From dental implants  to orthodontic braces and smile makeovers we can provide finance which will make your treatment journey easier.

Improving your life by investing in good dental care is as common as investing in an item for the home. That is why we use a dedicated dental finance company as a partner to work alongside.

More and more patients are using secure dental finance to get treatment they need today to avoid the consequences of delaying until it’s too late.

Below are some examples of how some forms of dental treatment can be made more affordable with the help of dental finance;

Single dental implant retained with crown from £98 per month.

Full arch denture retained with three dental implants from£144 per month.

Full arch implant retained permanent bridge from £226 per month.

The above examples are quoted over periods of between 24 and 48 months with varying percentages of deposit.

We can provide individual examples with tailored solutions to you to help secure the treatment you want and need today.

Please feel free to ask at your appointment.